The brightest stars shine here on the Earth, at Disney preschool.

Disney Preschool

Regular Classes - Nursery, Pre-KG, KG.

Preschool classes are divided into three classes, Nursery, Pre-KG and KG. Students will pratise to be good at their fine motor skill by colouring, playing dough and games. They learn different shapes such as circle, triangle, oval, etc. and different colours. Main subjects are English, Maths, Science and Myanmar. They also join sand play and water play activities.

Language skills for the learners of English as a foreign language is continuously taught alongside reading, listening and speaking skills. They also study English vocabulary through colouring matching and playing games. They identify and compare , sizes, and lengths and some measurment in Maths. They will study conting, comparing and classification in Maths. Students will also study about their environment and critical thinking lessons in Science. They can learn new vocabularies and language through English. Students will be able to learn rhymes and stories in Myanmar as well.

We have created a safe and warm learning environment for every child. Students will have co-curriculum activities such as dance and music classes for having fun and body movement.

Art and Carft activity, drawing and sand play activities help them improve fine motor skills and hand -eye coordination skills.